about us

A new product, a new concept

virKlon is a new brand of sports apparel born to provide an answer to the dressing needs of sports.

The main objective of our brand is to improve the adaptation of each garment to the movement of the body during the practice of sports. In virKlon functionality is over anything else; fashion is not so important for us.

Actually, thanks to customised manufacturing, the products in this website are like a blank canvas for each customer to “decorate” its garments according to his/her preferences.

Thanks to great innovations such as IRS (Intelligent Retention System), or IBS (Intelligent Biomechanical Structure) we are able to create clothing that really follow and respect your body movements.

On top of this, e-commerce and direct distribution allows us to reduce the costs to a minimum to offer high quality garments at a medium price.

Designed in Europe. Manufactured in Europe with European materials.

High Tech Clothing - 100% Custom