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Intelligent Retention System

The dividing line in current apparel between the top and bottom garments is at the waist. This fact, although logical from the simplicity point of view, does not make much sense from a functional vision.

The torso, from waist to head, is a volume with significant kinetic stability (about 60º of movement amplitude); on the contrary, the lower volume of the body, from waist to feet, withstands movement amplitudes nearing 180º.

Let us imagine the sleeves of a shirt came separated from the rest of the garment at the line of the shoulder and that we had to wear a small belt between armpit and neck… it doesn’t seem very reasonable, right? Well, this is what we do with most trousers. At virKlon we support the concept of single garment, that is, dispersion of the stress generated in the lower body into the upper garment and not into a tight rubber band or belt.

Suspenders could be a good solution, but they are either too small which are not comfortable for the shoulders, or they become an extra layer of fabric in areas where it is not necessary.

By means of two extra-thin plastic clips in the lumbar area, the bottom garment is connected to the upper one, facilitating the dispersion of stress generated by the lower limbs. This allows us to draw a more natural “waist” line (high in the back – low in the front).